The use of natural resources to satisfy the needs
of the present must not compromise the satisfaction
of the needs of future generations. Sustainability is
the ability of human beings to interact with the
world, preserving the environment so as not to
compromise the natural resources of future
At Artur Campos we put our efforts and resources
into identifying problems, creating and implementing
solutions that progressively become more
sustainable in three priority areas: Social, Energy
and Environmental.
Betting on ecologically correct, economically
viable, socially fair and culturally diverse
Wood is a natural, renewable and versatile
material. It is a CO2 sponge that reduces the
greenhouse effect and its use in construction gives
buildings greater thermal efficiency, strength, and
durability. Thus it is a protagonist and part of the
solutions found by architecture and engineering on
the path to sustainability. A sustainably managed
forest and the constant development of innovative
new uses for this millennial material puts it at the
center of the movement to reconnect humans and
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