D’Raiz Wood Studio

With studio and workshop located in Vila do Conde, D´Raiz is all about a family passion for wood and a devotion to handcraft. Each piece tells a story and combines traditional woodworking techniques with high quality raw materials, 100% of Portuguese origin, with the purpose of producing objects that appeal to the senses and emotions.

Since 2018 D’Raiz has been creating pieces that integrate the organic characteristics of wood with a pure and contemporary aesthetics alicerated in our cultural heritage. The starting point and inspiration of each piece is the raw material itself. From wood combined with elements in metal, rock or vegetal fibers, holistic pieces with a timeless design are born.

Each piece is unique and handcrafted in our workshop located on the north coast of Portugal between the sea and the mountains. We are based less than 10km from the Oporto Airport and minute away from the city center.

D’Raiz is dedicated to making the world more beautiful and comfortable, while promoting environmental sustainability and the use of renewable sources. We keep this commitment foremost in mind when creating every piece.

At a decisive moment for the planet, the focus on sustainability is everyone’s responsibility. We adopt a holistic attitude towards our environmental impact by constantly seeking new
solutions that minimize it and put us further on the path to global sustainability. Our vision is to create a more genuine world where sustainable products are the customer’s first choice while simultaneously renewing our cultural heritage and creating bridges between tradition and economy.

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